Crumblies®- free flowing Fruit granulations

Since 2014, Sweetpack is constantly searching for new and more healthy applications in their market. Due to a brand new and innovative production technique we are able to produce free- flowing fruit granulations based on dried fruit. It’s because of our passion for the fruits and many researches that we were able to develop this product. All these Fruit Granulations are made in IFS-certified facilities and meet the highest quality standards. As we made a unique product, we decided to go for a new brand. Therefor we used the name “Crumblies®” to place the product into the market. Our Crumblies® are the perfect ingredient or topping for your meals/ pastry/ cereals /icecream/yogurt … With our easy-to-use jars the Crumblies® can be used and stored easily. Check out now our new Crumblies® range and experience the tasty fruit-feeling!